Release Notes for Aegis VM 0.2.0

The Aegis VM Project is an on-going effort to implement a lightweight, secure virtual machine for executing Java bytecode. It features a modular verification architecture, Proof Linking, that supports Pluggable Verification Modules (PVMs).

This is release 0.2.0 of the aegisvm package. The main new feature of this release is the Pluggable Verification Module (PVM) facility as described in the author's PhD dissertation:

The package can be obtained at the following location:

You need GNU Classpath 0.04, Prelude 0.2.0 and libjpr 0.2.0 to build this release. They can be obtained from the following:

Classpath 0.0.4 is no longer available from the download page of the GNU Classpath project site. We make available a backup copy of Classpath 0.0.4 at our download site. We plan to modernize Aegis VM to make of more recent release of GNU Classpath.

For a list of new VM features introduced in this release, consult the NEWS file in the distribution:

For an exhaustive list of all VM features available in this release, consult the FEATURES file in the distribution:

Visit the project home page for more information about the Aegis VM project:

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